City Streets, My Street, and Politics

I just looked out my window and saw that there are utility workers outside patching up my street for what feels like the millionth time.  I live on West Ave just south of Edison Middle school.  I live on one of the busiest sections of West Ave because people take this section of the street from 41st through to Edison every morning to drop of their kids and then on to Sanford Hospital to go to work.  They also take it back from Sanford to pick up their kids then on to 41st to pick up the Interstate to head home.  Edison is one of the more popular schools to open enroll into, as well as the where the honors students from the Challenge Center get placed after completing elementary school.  My point being that there is a lot of traffic on my street.

Last summer every street in my surrounding neighborhood got grated and resurfaced except mine.  Only West Avenue, the busiest street on the block was left out of the plan to be grated and resurfaced last summer.  Now the city planners can tell me that they have plans to re-grate and resurface West Ave this summer, or next summer, or whenever, but our road is so pock-marked with potholes and is so rough and horrible with patch jobs, it is pathetic.  The utility people out there will never be able to do a good enough job to make West Ave really drivable.  What should have happened is, years ago, West Ave should have been grated and resurfaced.  Way back when it became obvious that people were beginning to use it as a main thoroughfare — back before our “town” became a “city”.  Actually, we should be ready for our second regrating and resurfacing.  Only, here we are, waiting for the powers that be to wake up and realize that our not-so-little Avenue is in desperate need of attention.