Lately it feels like we’ve had one catastrophe after the other.

Heidi was finally recently diagnosed with IBS, as was Caleb, after both struggled with stomach pain for weeks if not months. 
I went through months of instability with my anxiety and depression. I’m finally feeling on the mend from that. 

Recently, though, I fell on the stairs and just had an MRI to discover what is going on with my back.  They found a bulging disk at T8-9.

Caleb’s chronic fibromyalgia and fatigue has been really acting up. His pain has been about a 7 and fatigue between 7-10.
I’m not saying all this because I want you all to feel sorry for me. I just need you to know a background for what I really want to say:
That is that God is totally in control and totally sovereign. I believe I can trust Him with all my problems. When I have this attitude my problems don’t feel like huge problems, they instead feel manageable and my blessings swim into view very clear. So much so that my problems seem quite silly to dwell on. 
I have a husband I can brag on because he’s quite deserving of it. 
I have three teens that are not rebellious. Instead they are making good choices and following the heart of God. 

I have a warm house, a working car, a hard working husband to bring in a good paycheck, an awesome church, supportive parents, supportive sisters, and the list goes on. 

Thank you, Abba, for all your blessings and thank you that my problems are only their to give to You. Amen and Amen!