Poor Yoshi

Lately poor Yoshi has taken some bumps and hard knocks in his life. You may be wondering who Yoshi is. Yoshi is Caleb’s Dog.

The biggest hard-knock Yosh had was when his puppy friend, Cookie, went to the Rainbow bridge.  Ever since then, Yoshi has been struggling with depression. Yes, dogs can grieve too.

So, despite our need to get over Cookie, the fam made the decision to get him a companion. This has been a bumpy road for Yosh, because every pet we’ve tried has been a disaster.  They end up fine with the fam, but are horrendous when we add Yoshi. One even clamped down on Yoshi’s neck and he (Rowdy) had to be hit in the face to get him to release Yoshi!

I think I’m going to watch the website for a dog that is smaller than Yoshi from now on. Cookie after all was about 4 inches shorter.