A Call to Conservative Unity

These are exciting times for conservatives, Ted Cruz has just announced he is running for President and more will follow. Louie Gohmert could be in or out. As conservatives we stand for individual liberty and we expect liberty in our election process. As a result we do not naturally coalesce around one one or two candidates. Individual liberties demand individual opinions and therefore promote a wide array of candidates all of whom are well qualified for the office of the President. Since individual opinions are closely held, it is difficult after the primaries to realign ourselves with the person to whom we were just recently opposed.

In contrast leftist liberals and statists stand for group think. My liberal friends who are also Christians realize they cannot justify abortion on demand and stay true to what they know of God, but they do not talk about it in a public forum because they would be vilified. Abortion on demand is a core value of the left and must be upheld. While this makes them weaker as individuals, they form a unified group. In the Presidential primaries they will have a few candidates and will quickly rally behind the very person they argued against the previous week. They make sacrifices for the strength of the group.

Please do not mistake this for an endorsement of leftist policies or even of group think. I do think though that it is possible to take one lesson, making sacrifices for conservatives and arguably for the nation, and apply it to ourselves.

I do not think this is an election we can afford to lose. In fact I wonder if the 2012 election was the election we could not afford to lose. If we lose this election I do not think my grandchildren will grow up in a free country.

Therefore I think it is time for conservatives to put aside our small differences, for the sake of the nation, and converge on a single candidate. We need to stop tearing down other conservatives with whom we mostly have commonality and become a powerful army behind one person.

It is time for potential candidates to do the same, time for them to sacrifice their ambitions for the sake of this great nation. In my mind the potential candidates should get together and form a plan to support one candidate at a time for the next several election cycles. If we can unify early we will be a force to be reckoned with.

I would love to see Cruz, or Gowdy, Lee or Gohmert be the President. Any one of them can do the job, but if we split the vote four ways we lose. If we focus on which one is more conservative we lose. We need to push our strengths.

I propose that these four, and others who may be considering a conservative run, get together with a trusted moderator and hammer out who will run and who will make a huge sacrifice for the sake of the nation. Then I propose that we as conservatives get behind that choice and push all the way to the White House.

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