Meet the Anderson’s

We are anything but normal, but we are happy in our craziness. Michael and I (Kari) married in 1997, and right away wanted kids because my grandmother was dying and she wanted to see the next generation.

I can’t honestly say that’s not a good reason to start having kids, and that’s one thing I’d do differently if I had a do-over.  It’s so important to establish your marriage and really get to know each other before kids come in.  You just won’t have time for each other after they come and if you don’t have that foundation, it can lead to a marriage that isn’t stable, or even divorce. 

But we don’t get do-overs in this world, and I do count each of my darling children as blessings.  Joshua was the first one that came.  My grandmother was able to see his picture before slipping into a coma and dying a few days after he was born.  I will always treasure the fact that she hung on to see his pictures.  That was the summer of 1998.  Caleb came in the summer of 2000, after we got done making fun of everyone who was terrified over the Y2K bug.  Lucky for me I’m married to a Techie, so I never had to be afraid of such drama.  Our beautiful surprise and gift from God came at Christmas time 2001, Little Heidi. So that is what makes up our family. 

 So what makes us crazy?  We are all Tockers, as explained by the Home page.  Every single one of us has a unique way of looking at life which just confuses the heck out of a Ticker’s mind.  We all have the potential of making straight A’s, but usually don’t because we find conventional learning boring.  Who wants to learn by wrote learning anyway? lol.  

I have to admit, we are also Tockers do to some Aspergers and Mental Illness in the family, but the way we handle those is through acceptance and love.  We don’t try to change each other, we simply accept each other for who we are and move forward as a family.  

The best part of being a crazy family is the laughter and fun we get to be together. We’ve tried to be normal before, but it just gets boring, so we go back to being ourselves. 🙂

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